Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Music

So I finally have a working computer again and it's been like a month so I'm gonna post two videos for everything again.

First one is Bizzy Bone and Johnny Craig from Emarosa. Bizzy Bone has some really cool collaborations on his new Ep. Crossroads: 2010. The songs called "Bottled up like smoke."

The song is called "Outside" it's by Mac Miller he's on Wiz Khalifa's Label.

Hardcore catagory
The band is called His Name Is Iron the song is called "Go with God and Bag a Gun"

The band is Oh, Sleeper they have a new cd coming out Aug 25th this song is on it its also the title of the cd its called "Son of the Morning"

Rock Catagory


4th catagory
Band of Horse - Laredo


Sonny Moore formerly from From First To Last. his new project completely different his Dj name is Skrillex this is off that its called Weekends

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